Jangan Mudah Tertipu Crystal X Asli Bukan Produk Murahan !

Jangan Mudah Tertipu Crystal X Asli Bukan Produk Murahan !
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Crystal X Nasa From Natural Nusantara (English)

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Crystal X Nasa For Woman Healthy - Hello Mom, sometimes, for some reasons, women are put the healthy of reproduction organ called vaginal on the last sequence, after keeping healthy of another part of body, such as face, etc. Why? 

Because some of woman think that its organ may be seen by herself only, not for seen by anyone else, so why she has to keep healthy of its organ all the time? Hemmm…. That’s so tragic.

But actually the case is its organ may have some problems if we don’t keep its health. What the kind of problem? If we pay an attention for awhile, you can see if its organ may have some kind of fluida like a water. 

Do you know that humidity levels on that’s organ is high? So what kind of influences cause by that condition? You know that humids condition may cause some bacterial, yeast, or virus can be easily grown. Could you imagine how If some bacterial, mould or virus or another microorganism grown on this reproduction organ? Hemmm, definitely it can cause all of disease what we don’t what to have…..


So after you read carefully above, you know that some reasons can make its reproduction organ not healthy. What are they?


There’s a lot of yeast genus grown on vaginal. It could be one of seriously problem because it risk causes vaginal infection. This infection commonly causes by Candida albicans, one of the kind of yeast grown on vaginal.

Candida genus of a yeast is a naturally occurring microorganism in the vaginal area. Do you know that vaginal lived by Lactobacillus sp bacteria that is kind of good bacterial? Yapz. On vaginal, there Lactobacillus sp that keep pH, but when on vaginal have an imbalance condition, this bacteria can’t work. So this condition can be used for check the presence of its yeast.

What a symtomps signs of a fungus infections in your vagina?

a. Itching

One of the symptoms could be easily checked is itching around vagina

b. Feeling burns ( burning)

When you have a yeast infection, you will feel like burning on your vagina

c. Pain during sex

There’s a presence of yeast on vagina makes you feel pain during your sex

d. Discharge of fluid from vagina

When you have a yeast infection on your vagina, sometimes there’s a condition of a large or small amounts fluid of vaginal discharging, its gray, green, yellow like milk, and the texture is thick.

So Moms, when you have symptoms like what I’ve written above, you must have an attention.


One of disease attacked vagina by the presense of bacteria is vaginosis caused by Gardenella vaginalis. This bacteria can grow on vaginal because of not healthy sex, and not good vaginal sanitary.

What a symtomps signs of a vaginosis infections in your vagina?

1. Discharge of fluid from vagina

If you have an infection on your vagina caused by bacteria, there will be a condition called vaginal discharge or Fluor Albus. Sometimes its color yellow, green, white thick like a milk.

2. Iritation

Sometimes you have an irritation on your vagina, it feels itches all around vaginal and soreness.

So what you think after reading these articles? Are you one of people who has been attacked by these microorganisms? Hemm, if you are one of that people, you have to cure it with some medications or some treatmens.

But, what kind of an effective treatments or medications can help you to cure this disease? And what kind of thing that can guarantee that you could cureing these microorganisms? Let us see this article below to find an answer about that question….

Moms, maybe you couldn’t imagine that one of a guaranted medicine for its diseases is from Indonesia. Yes, Indonesia country, one of country with all of natural sources such as many kind of plants, water, essential oil and all many things from nature.

By having these potentials, some scientists have an idea to produce a effective product for helping woman cure diseases, an example sex organ diseases. This product called Crystal X. A company produce this product called Natural Nusantara (Nasa), so a complete name for call its product is Crystal X Nasa. This Company has been located at Jl. Ring Road Barat No.72 Salakan, Trihanggo, Gamping, Sleman, Yogyakarta.

Actually, this product is a natural product has been producted with combination of Piper betle oil, and then Red Algae, viniell oil, Potassium Alum Sulfide, and then water as a dilutor for mixing these components. And then with a sophisticated method, it could be formed and shaped like a lipstick with 6 cm length, and 1 cm diameter. This product is created to woman purpose to keeping her healthy.


There’s a lot of questions deliver to its product distributor about who’s can use this product. Mom, you have to pay an attention for this, because an effect could you got if you use it correctly. This Crystal X USED ONLY by female, not by male.

And also there’s a lot of woman deliver a question about the benefits of crystal x from nasa. There’s a lot of benefits if you use this product. If you look at the definition of that product above that I have explained about its composition, you know that Piper betle is one of an effective antifungi and an antiseptic usually used on antiseptic soap.

It kills fungi, yeast, bacterial grown on vagina, so when you have a discharge of fluid from vagina caused by its microorganism, its microorganism can be killed and your discharge will be stopped.

Beside that, there one more disease usually attack vagina, that is irritation. It can be caused by high humidity on area around vagina. What habits can causes that? Some woman usually don’t know that bad habits such as using a same band when menstruation along the day, and then not change panty and let it dirty, can causes a high humidity to be over and over and then make an irritation around vagina. It also has a relation with how fungi or bacteri or yeast can growth on area around vagina.

Because microorganisms such as fungi,or bacteri, or yeast very happy lived on humid area, so its reasonable if fungus or bacteria or yeast grows on that place. But if you decided to use this healthy product, you don’t need to worry, because its Piper betle oil on this product can cure this disease.

And now turn to who will discussed about? Yeaaa,,,now it turns to discuss about one problem usually experienced by woman. This is not a disease, but a very very very important thing always makes woman got underpressure. What was that?

Hemm…for some woman who’s got married, usually have her vagina flabby. Definitely, this problem sometimes makes your partner doesn’t feel satisfied on your bed. But, when you read one paragraph discussed composition above, you’ve been found its product content of viniell oil and Red alga. What is this for? For beginning of time, this viniell oil usually use for tightening vagina and makes its mucose softer and smoother. As well as viniell oil, Red alga has a same benefit, too. So, if you have this problem, I think you don’t have to worry anymore, there’s a way to slove your problem safely…

But, not only a lot of benefits you could got of using this this healthy thing for woman healthy mentioned above, you can also cure your another problem on your vagina, such smelling, itchiness, even myoma and serviks cancer can be cured by this amazing product. And then not only woman who has problems on her vagina can use this product, but it can also used only for treatment, that means avoiding diseases attack vagina.

Hemm, from explanation above, we can make a conclusion that Crystal X from natural nusantara (nasa) have a lot of benefits, such as:

1. Helping cured abnormal discharge of fluid on vagina

2. Helping cured itchiness and smelled vagina

3. Helping cured irritation on serviks and on vagina

4. Helping cured diseases such as myoma, and serviks cancer

5. Helping tightened vagina and keep vagina smoother and softer

And then, apparently, this amazing things not only can used by a married woman, but also a virgin woman. What different of using between married and virgin woman? Hemm, this topic will be a
topic I will discuss later on article below, Mom,so just keep reading this article until the end…


Moms, there’s a different way to use this this product between virgin and married woman. What different? Clearly different because a virgin has a hymen on her vagina, that is a sign her still virgin. But for married woman, its clearly gone. So, before she decided to using this healthy produc, she must pay attention on how to keep her virginity.

How using Crystal X for virgin?

For about 2 minutes, soak crystal x nasa original on clean warm water, and virgin woman can use that water to wash her vagina, or for more effective way, she can soak her body on its water for about 10 minutes. And let vagina dry by itself. After fluid or lump coming out of the vagina, rinse vagina with clean water. And for the body of Crystal X, after it is used, dried it with a clean towel or cloth, and placed oh its mica container, and keep dry.

How using Crystal X for married woman?

Dampen crystal x nasa with clean water, and then insert this on vagina 2-3 cm, spin 10 times to left and 10 times to right. Keep on it for 30 seconds. And then pull it off the vagina. Let vagina dry by itself. After fluid or lump coming out of the vagina, rinse vagina with clean water. And for the body of Crystal X, after it is used, dried it with a clean towel or cloth, and placed oh its mica container, and keep dry.

Hemmm How easy to using this amazing healthy product. You can use it anytime, but for therapy dosage, you can use it twice, that are after morning bath and after afternoon bath.


After reading this article, maybe some of woman impressed on this product. So where can you buy this original product, that really producted on Natural Nusantara Company? Hemm…that means you have to contact on official distributor from Natural Nusantara Company, such mentioned on Contact Person below. Then Contact this number phone/ WhatsApp/ BBM below, and be a healthy woman…

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