Jangan Mudah Tertipu Crystal X Asli Bukan Produk Murahan !

Jangan Mudah Tertipu Crystal X Asli Bukan Produk Murahan !
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How To Use Crystal X For Woman

How to use Crystal X for Woman - Good day, as an official distributor of Crystal X, I want to explain to all of you about how to use Crystal X clearly so you can use it comfortly and securely. As we know, this product mixed from natural substances such as natural materials,,sulfur, piper betle extract, viniell oil and red seaweed. Its natural material has a function of killing germs, mold and harmful bacteria, it can remove dirt inside vaginal, and then when the vaginal on a clean condition, its substance can help preventing from cancer virus. Beside that, its piper betle extract has an antibacterial and an antiseptic function that can keep the vaginal always on clean condition. And red seaweed extract can help provides any nutrients for the skin layer and mucous of the vaginal so that the vaginal can become tender and softer.

Mother and Sister, before I explain the main of this article, we must know how the physical properties of crystal X. the material of Crystal X has a compact forms, has length of 6 cm, diameter of 1 cm, it has a smooth surface so not to worry about it can injure the vaginal mucous. Because of its smooth surface, Crystal X can be used comfortly and safety.

How to Use Crystal X

So how to use Crystal X for woman? There is a different way to use between two condition, that is between woman has married and for those not married. For woman has married, Crystal X can be used by dampen its product with clean water and insert it into the vaginal as deep as 3-4 cm and then the cycle of about 10 seconds, 5 seconds to the left, and 5 seconds to the right, and then eject it slowly and clean the crystal x with clean water then wipe it with dry and clean cloth and store it on dry condition.

Then how to use Crystal X for woman whose not married ? You can use this by preparing some warm water and then soak its crystal X in that warm water for 1 minutes, and use the water to clean up the vaginal. Or you can use Crystal X by preparing some warm water, and then soak its Crystal X into the water for 1 minute, then you can sit on that water.

The Dose Of Usage

1. For prevention, it means when woman does not have some problem on her genital , Crystal X can be used one time in three days,

2. For treatment for some problems on genital, Crystal X can be used two times a day after a bath.
Attention: One Crystal X enough to be used on treatment genital organ for 2-3 months.

Side Effect Of Crystal X

There is no side effect of using Crystal X, because it is not a medication that has an influences on the performance of the central nervous, but there are some sensation that all of you should pay attention, among other things:

For some users will feel her vaginal sore. This is not a side effect, but this is the process of adjusting pH condition.

After use Crystal X for 1-2 days, sometimes all of the liquid of vaginal will come out,then vaginal will dry and then vaginal will produce some mucus like white tissue, this is not a side effect,but is a reaction of cleaning process starts.

There are many imitation of this products, that can be bought on the low price, far from the average price. So, I recommended consumers to buy it at the official agent that can be contacted on the Contact Personal below.

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